Worl’ boss clashes with Pitbull on radio

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A war of words erupted on radio yesterday afternoon with Prime Minister Gaston Browne and two opposition members who hope to replace him. Harold Lovell, who wants to become prime minister, and Wilmoth Daniel, who is hoping to take over as the representative of the St. John’s City West constituency from Browne, were the opposition pair in the faceoff.
Both Lovell and Daniel are from the United Progressive Party, which is aiming to take the reins of government from the Antigua Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) on election day, March 21.
In an 18-minute long no- holds-barred exchange, the trio hurled insults and levelled accusations of corruption at each other while they shouted over each other and the hosts on ZDK Liberty Radio.
In between that, Browne, who has been given the alias “Worl’ boss,” promised to resign before the general elections if Daniel could prove the claims of corruption he made about Browne.
Daniel threatened to sue PM Browne over some of the claims that were made regarding contracts under the Ministry of Public Works over which Daniel presided when the United Progressive Party (UPP) was in power.
As they continued to attack each other, Browne was accused of flipping land at Long Bay and Friars Hill as well as exchanging land and more “rip offs” for the benefit of his family.
Browne said regardless of whether his son made 10 times more in selling the land, it does not matter because the deal was legitimate.
He then levelled similar allegations against Daniel about land flipping and benefits, which he said Daniel got, to which Daniel said, “I will sue you. I am getting the recording.”
The conversation shifted, and Browne was bombarded with more questions about “bounce cheques” allegedly paid to the Ministry of Works when he, Browne, was doing a project while he was in opposition.
Browne said the whole thing was “fabricated” and challenged Daniel to prove the claims. That’s when he said, “If you can provide any evidence that I wrote any bounce cheque to public works I will resign forthwith.”
And Daniel responded, “Okay, you going to resign before the election. If we bring the proof you’re going to resign? I’m going to bring the permanent secretary.”
The prime minister dismissed the statement as “mek up story” and brought additional claims of alleged corruption by Daniel.
As the host struggled to regain control of the conversation, Browne and Lovell became embroiled in an increasingly heated exchange to the point neither could be heard clearly.
Lovell then shouted, “Mr. Prime Minister, if you don’t want to listen to me then I am not going to listen to you.”
Daniel, known as the “Pitbull” jumped in and told Browne, “You can’t listen to me because you are going to be out on the 21st. You’re going to be out. I am going to beat you like a road march.”
Browne’s response was, “Boy, not even in your sleep. It will be a nightmare.”
Daniel, who is now running for the St. John’s City West seat against Browne, predicted a victory at the polls and said that he, Browne, will be carried “out on a stretcher from down at the polling station.”
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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