Weathered And Team Terminx Dominate Cycling’s Season Opener

Sean Weathered (centre) captured the first race for the season while holding hands to cross the line with Jeffrey Kelsick (left). Rene Gayral (right), finished third. (Photo courtesy ABCF)
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By Neto Baptiste

Sean Weathered and his Terminix teammates, Jeffrey Kelsick and Rene Gayrell Jr, dominated the first race of the 2021 cycling season, the Pan Am Base Criterium, held on Sunday in Coolidge.

The trio finished first, second and third respectively in the Elite Class of the event put on by the Antigua and Barbuda Cycling Federation (ABCF) on the roads surrounding the Pam Am Base.

Weathered clocked a time 1:30.58 (one hour, 30 minutes and 58 seconds) to finish just ahead of Kelsick who finished second just a fraction of a second later. Gayrall Jr clocked 1:31.00 (one minute and 31 seconds) in the third position.

Weathered credited team work for the victory.

“First of all, team Terminix, that’s what it is all about. Daniel and Terminix had come on board and sort of re-launched Terminix team, and we were recruited and we got a few of the youngsters, and we had a game plan in mind which was one, two and three and we achieved that goal,” he said.

“I must say first of all, Mrs Kelsick who is our lone female and biggest supporter, secondly Jeffery Kelsick who is my training partner, teammate and brother. Conrad Thomas and the Gayrall’s so that’s our team there along with our supporters and the other members who came and supported us on the road also as a part of team Terminix,” he added.

Weathered said team Terminix has been preparing for the return of cycling for some time now.

“After permission was given to go out and start training prior to the start of Covid we really put down our head and got some work in, myself and my coach and training partner in Jeffrey Kelsick. After we put the team together, there was a lot of team work because cycling requires work, because if you can’t put in the work then you can’t get the results, so we did a considerable amount of training and it showed because it was one of the fastest times around that base for a first hour that has ever been seen since I’ve been racing,” he said.

In other results on Sunday, Patrick Peters captured the Masters Class in 1:23.54 (one hour, 23 minutes and 54 seconds) while Richard Lam and Alistair Savoury, both of Road Runners were second and third respectively.

Joel Griffith dominated the Sports Class in a time of 1:01.43 while Micah Challenger (1:02.03) and Abbiel Flemming (1:06.50) all of Road Runners finished closely behind.

Lindsay Duffy (1:09.35) of Road Runners won the Female Class with Terminix’s Venessa Kelsick (1:18.19) and Road Runners’ Nina Kellick (1:25.13) was third.

Chasondre Tonge of Wadadli Cycling Academy was the lone competitor in the Junior Females category, finishing in a time of one hour, 26 minutes and three seconds.

In the Cadets 13-15 category, Aden Murray-Watkins and Tahje Browne were first and second respectively while Joyce Murray-Watkins and Arusa Murray-Watkins, both of Wadadli Cycling Academy dominated the Cadets 12 & Under category.

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