Village league netball shoots off

Teams were on display at YMCA on Sunday for the opening. It’s been two years since the last Village league was played
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By Carlena Knight

A plethora of colours were on display at the YMCA Sports Complex on Sunday afternoon as the 2022 edition of the Antigua and Barbuda Netball Association (ABNA) Village League officially opened.

The league saw several teams in the Division A, Division B and the Mixed Division coming out to represent their respective villages and, following a brief opening ceremony at the YMCA Sports Complex, the league was launched with matches in the knock-out competition.

It would be Curtain Bluff Old Road 1 who would walk away with the crown in the female category, and ended the night undefeated after overcoming Ovals Flyballers Red Rockets 1 by 7-6 in the finals.

In their quest to the title, Old Road defeated Grays Green Tigers in their opening encounter, 7-4 and Ovals in their second, 10-8.

The victors were led by national player and veteran, Amey Lake.

Meanwhile, in the Mixed Division, Ovals would have something to celebrate as they took top honours, finishing undefeated.

Ovals Red Rockets defeated their counterparts Ovals White Doves to take the title.

They defeated Grays Green 8-6 in their opening match.

There are 22 teams participating in this year’s competition in the three zones.

In Group A Female are Grays Green Tigers, John Hughes, Ovals Flyballers Red Rockets 1, Curtain Bluff Old Road 1, Drahz Eastsiders, Spencer’s All Saints United 1, All Saints Stars, and Alex Brown Willikies.

Stingray City Seaglans, Wadadli Events Old Road 2, Alex Brown Willikies, Ovals Flyballers Uprising 2, Spencer’s All Saints United 2 and Spencer’s United All Saints 3 will compete in Group B Female.

Playing in the Mixed Division are All Saints Stars, Ovals Flyballers Black Eagles 3, the National team, Grays Green Tigers, Ovals Flyballers Red Rockets 1, Eastsiders, John Hughes, and Ovals Flyballers White Doves 2. 

The regular season begins this Thursday, and matches will be played every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

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