Villa church mounts Covid-19 outreach

Church members sorting packages (Photos courtesy Villa SDA Church)
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By Carlena Knight

It is evident that the Covid-19 pandemic has negatively impacted the nation, and some religious organisations have been accused of not stepping up to ease the suffering of the most vulnerable members of society.

 However, despite the limitations caused by the virus, one local church group has stepped forward to tangibly share love in its community.

The community services department of the Villa Seventh Day Adventist Church, which is known for its charitable work in neighbouring villages, recently distributed a number of food packages to the less fortunate.

To date, the department has successfully hosted two such outreach activities — one for the community and the other for church members. A total of 57 bags containing dry food and toiletries were distributed and were funded solely by the church itself.

A soup kitchen and breakfast event were also held on Sunday mornings in the nearby villages of Yorks, Villa, Fort Road, Gambles, and Point. 

Plans are also being put in place to host a quarterly clothes distribution.

According to head of the department, Verlyn Miller, “not even Covid could stop them from continuing God’s work in assisting His people”.

“Usually, we would have our clothes distribution at the church downstairs, but with the virus we now have to think of new measures in how we can get it done, but we are not scrapping it just yet. It is important that we continue to do the Lord’s work by caring for His people and now more than ever our neighbours need help,” she said.

Miller, who has been an integral part of the department for over 20 years, is also encouraging other churches, community groups, and even residents of various villages who are in a position to assist their neighbours who may be struggling at this time, to show compassion by so doing.

She hopes that by continuing their benevolent work, they will be a positive example for others to follow.

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