Veterans To Clash In Title Battle of Muscle

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Anticipation is building ahead of this year’s National Bodybuilding competition, which some are calling “the clash of the titans”.
The return of four of the country’s veteran bodybuilders is causing a stir, according to the organisers.
The President of the Antigua and Barbuda Amateur Bodybuilding and Weightlifting Federation (ABABWF), Jamilla Jonas, said special attention is being paid to Orson Martin, Ollyn Martin, Alfredo ‘Tounky’ Allen and Kenny Richards Sr, who is the reigning Mr Antigua.
She said the lead up to this year’s competition has been exciting.
“It also speaks to the fact that bodybuilding itself has lasted for so long… 50 years of longevity and it’s just some things that the crowd loves to see,” she added.
Jonas said many of the athletes’ bodies have been getting “better and better” each year.
She added that despite the popular competitors going up against each other, the possibility of a younger bodybuilder taking home a top prize should not be ruled out.
There will be 50 contestants in this year’s competition, which marks the event’s 50th Anniversary.
The ABABWF president is also encouraging people aspiring to enter the sport to seek assistance to aid in their development. 
“First of all, see a health and nutrition specialist … align yourself with a good coach and of course get started in the gym…” she said.
This year, the National Bodybuilding Competition will be held at the Multipurpose Cultural Centre, on August 26.
Meanwhile, the Vice President of the ABABWF, Dave George, said the next level of competition will be the Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Bodybuilding Fitness Championships, which will be held in Mexico City from September 28 to October 2.
“The athletes will have roughly a month to tweak [and] get in better shape after nationals in preparations for the CAC,” he said, adding that not all of the national winners will be selected to participate in the CAC.
He stressed that a committee will meet about three days after the nationals to determine who is best suited to represent Antigua & Barbuda at that championship.

Alfredo Allen

Kenny Jacobs Sr

Ollyn Martin

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