Shooting victim recounts ordeal

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Wilbert “Gold Teeth” Brisco is thankful for life after he was shot on Tuesday night while four men held him and several people at his home at gunpoint and robbed them.
Brisco, 50, and a group of “about six” people were in the house he shares with his live-in partner, just off Tindale Road in Ottos, when the masked men entered the yard and demanded money.
The victim’s girlfriend who did not wish to be identified by name, said that around 9 pm she was sitting in a chair in the front room when she heard the command, “Nobody move”, and four men dressed in dark clothing, with t-shirts over their faces to conceal their identities, entered the house.
A police officer who was standing outside the door talking to the Jamaican man was also instructed to go into the house.
“One of them asked ‘where is the money?’ Then one [beat Brisco] with the gun in his head, took his wallet, pulled off somebody chain and dragged him out in the street. We heard three shots – apparently two in the air and one in his right leg,” the woman recounted.
The Ottos resident said the armed perpetrators fled the scene in a silver car and the victim was left bleeding in the street.
During the attack, the men reportedly threatened to kill Brisco if he didn’t give them what they came for.
The woman recalled placing several calls to the Emergency Medical Services, but after “not getting through,” her brother took Brisco who was bleeding from a gunshot wound to his upper right thigh, to the Mount St John’s Medical Centre.
There, doctors determined that the bullet went through his thigh and did not affect any major blood vessels. He was treated for the injuries he sustained to his head and leg.
“Me cry ‘til I can’t cry anymore [Tuesday] night. It was like a movie, everybody in the area shock, nothing like this ever happen in the area,” the woman said.
“I couldn’t get the ambulance, if I didn’t ask my brother to start the car he would have probably bled out. He is a kind man, if you ask him for something and he has it he would give you, I don’t understand why they did this to him.”
Two of the armed assailants were said to be about 5 feet, 5 inches tall, another was said to be “slimly built and tall”, and no description was given for the fourth man said to be the driver of the car used to flee the scene.
The woman is urging police to step up patrols in the community and other areas to deter crime.

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