Venezuelan charged for sneaking into the country

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One of the four men who allegedly entered the country illegally at Long Bay, has been charged and is expected to go before All Saints Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel today.
The accused is Duart Jose Dubem Rodriquez of Venezuela, and the charge filed by the Immigration Department alleges that between March 3 and March 26 he “being a person travelling from a place outside of Antigua & Barbuda” did not enter at a designated port of entry.
Rodriquez’ defence is that he had travel documents to prove he had been travelling and legally entering several Caribbean countries, but said he lost those documents on the beach in Montserrat, before he started his journey here.
Meanwhile, two other Venezuelans who were also caught at Long Bay are to be deported shortly, a source confirmed yesterday.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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