Ministry will not report but welcomes dialogue with Fiennes charity

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Minister Molwyn Joseph said the Ministry of Health will not report to the Friends of Fiennes Institution charity, but it is open to fostering a relationship that will yield rewards and improve the environs at the Queen Elizabeth Highway home.
The Minister of Health was responding to statements made by the chairman of the charity, Cliff Walker, who told OBSERVER media over a week ago that the lack of knowledge of government’s plans for the Fiennes Institute is impeding the group’s fund-raising efforts.
“We appreciate the donation he had made to Fiennes and we encourage his organisation to continue to have an interest but the arrangement that we will not accept — as he stated that the government must inform them what it intends to do with Fiennes — it does not work like that,” he said at a press conference.
 Joseph said the government will welcome the opportunity to engage the Friends of Fiennes Institution in progressive talks that would improve the lives of the residents at the lone government-owned care home for the elderly.
He said the government expects the organisation to make an effort to meet with his ministry to familiarise themselves with the plans, just as the Friends of the Care Project did when he became minister in 2014.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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