UPP against fourth CIP Five Islands option

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Senator Damani Tabor says the government’s plan create a fourth investment option for the Citizenship by Investment Programme, at a cost of 150-thousand dollars is foolhardy.
Tabor argues that few will find the new option attractive when they could get citizenship for 100-thousand dollars.
The CIP has three investment options as it stands – making a direct cash contribution of 100-thousand, making a real estate investment worth 400-thousand or making a business investment worth 1.5 million.
Each option will allow an individual of a group to become citizens.
On Wednesday, government officials announced that the fourth option would be created. It would essentially allow in investors to make a cash contribution of 150-thousand dollars to the Five Islands university campus.

That’s Senator Damani Tabor, the Public Relations Officer of the main opposition United Progressive Party.
The government hopes that the Five Islands university campus will become the fourth campus of the University of the West Indies. Tabor says even now, the UPP is still vehemently opposed to the location of the proposed university.

Senator Damani Tabor.         

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