Unpaid workers protest at Tranquility Bay

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Frustrated workers of a local resort took to protest action yesterday due to several weeks of non-payment, and up to last evening a source there said they had not heard anything from their managers regarding the issue.
OBSERVER media visited Tranquility Bay where about a dozen staff aired their feelings on not being paid for six straight weeks. One worker reported that, “some of us, who were off, or on vacation, came out in support.”
When OBSERVER media attempted to contact Management for a comment on the situation, the resort’s front desk representative said, “No management is scheduled today, so you’ll have to call back tomorrow.”
In front of the security gate, placard bearing, disgruntled, fortnightly paid workers called to their colleagues inside the resort’s compound to join the protest action and send a clear message to the absent management. To encourage their colleagues inside, they told them that only unity could only benefit all of the resort’s workers.
“They have one or two things to do but they will be joining us at a later date,” one worker told OBSERVER media, adding that situations such as this one highlights the important role of trade unions.
“We are expecting more of the staff to be here,” the worker said. “We have those who don’t want to come but what a few do, it benefits everybody, so whether they come or not, the reward is for everybody.”
When asked if more protest action would continue if management did not update payments immediately, the worker said that they “can’t eat promises”. She added, “Yes, we need the money and we need to be paid. We cannot go on like this for no length of time, it’s been six weeks without a pay.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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