Barbudan man arrested for alleged break-ins and theft

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A 25-year-old man who was recently convicted for breaking into a woman’s home in Barbuda, is back in police custody on the sister island for suspected larceny, house break-ins and burglary of two shops.
Sources told OBSERVER media yesterday, that the suspect is Leopold Webber who had been evading police since last week after the first incident was reported.
One of the sources, a witness, said he was caught during a stake out operation in a house in Codrington after 8 o’clock Sunday night.
According to the witness, “the police were in the house waiting for him because they got a tip off that he was staying in the people place, hiding.”
The owners of the property in which Webber was found, are said to be overseas, and the suspected thief reportedly took all his loot there.
The witness said the police recovered a lot of food items allegedly stolen from two shops and other items stolen from residents. It is unclear whether they recovered any of the monies that one shopkeeper and other residents reported had been stolen.
In one of the incidents, Webber allegedly walked into a shop, pushed his hand into a container where money was kept, grabbed a quantity of cash and fled the scene.
The shopkeeper allegedly saw him but he ran away and went into hiding Friday.
A day later, another shopkeeper reported a break-in while another resident also made a similar report to the police.
At the time of the alleged thefts, the suspect was on a bond to be of good behaviour for the next two years after he was convicted for breaking into a young woman’s house last year, with intent to commit a felony.

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