U.S.V.I – Department of Health Announces First Coronavirus Death in U.S. Virgin Islands

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(viconsortium.com) – The Department of Health has not provided information on which district the death occurred. Government House Communications Director, Richard Motta, told this publication that the Dept. of Health was waiting to notify next of kin before revealing location.

On Friday, Governor Albert Bryan said three people were hospitalized territory-wide, with two on St. Thomas and one on St. Croix.  “All of these patients are in stable condition and none of them are using ventilators at this time,” Mr. Bryan said at the time.

So far, D.O.H. said it has tested 266 people, with 42 results returning positive (28 on St. Thomas, 12 on St. Croix and two on St. John.)

But recent data provided by the government is confusing to the public. The Dept. of Health reports on its website that the results of 18 tests are pending in the territory. According to the site there are 15 pending tests on St. Thomas; 10 on St. Croix and 3 on St. John. That amounts to 28 total pending cases. And in the VITEMA alert, it says 18 results were pending — 15 on St. Thomas, 3 on St. John and zero of St. Croix.

The department said 34 persons have recovered from the disease, which means D.O.H. is also tracking eight individuals.

The breakdown: 

  • Total Tested: 266
  • Positive: 42 (28 STT; 12 STX; 2 STJ)


  • STT: 7 travel; 9 community; 9 contact with confirmed case; 3 under investigation
  • STX: 9 travel; 1 community; 1 contact with confirmed case; 1 under investigation
  • STJ: 2 travel; 0 community; 0 contact with confirmed case; 0 under investigation
  • Negative: 206 (121 STT; 77 STX; 8 STJ)
  • Pending: 18 (15 STT; 0 STX; 3 STJ)
  • Recovered: 34
  • Death: 1
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