Trinidad police find body of main suspect wanted in the murder of a bank employee

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According to CANA, police in Trinidad say the body of the 45-year-old husband of a bank employee, who was murdered in front of her son on Monday,  had been found hanging from a tree, not far from the home in Siparia, a town in southern Trinidad.

Police had mounted a search for Haricharran Ramsundar after the 29-year-old bank worker, Selene Sankar, was chopped and killed as she prepared her nine-year-old son for his first day of the new school term.

Police said that Sankar, had gotten into an argument with the relative, who after the killing, reportedly grabbed a piece of rope telling neighbours, “this is it for me,” as he ran off into a forested area.

The authorities said that his body was discovered in a forested area located several kilometres away from the home. with the assistance of a drone.

Media reports said that Sankar had spent the weekend with her relatives, but returned on Monday morning to prepare their eight year old son for school, and for her to go to her workplace.

Her husband had accused her of being unfaithful.

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