Four disturbances to watch, two likely to affect Antigua and Barbuda

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By Latrishka Thomas

While Hurricane Dorian was stalling over The Bahamas, four other tropical disturbances began to develop and, of those, two are of the most concern to the twin-island State of Antigua and Barbuda.

This is according to the Director of the Antigua and Barbuda Meteorological Service, Dale Destin, who said: “There are two disturbances actually out over the Atlantic east of us. One with a 90 percent chance of becoming a cyclone. The forecast for that one is that it should turn to the North and not be a threat, but until it turns, we are not going to take our eyes off of it; and then there is a second one that is about to emerge off the coast with a 30 percent chance of formation. That one looks at the moment to be on a more westerly path and clearly we are west of anything west of Africa so anything that is on a westerly path should be of concern to us.”

Even more alarming is the possibility that four more named storms and three major hurricanes could form in the months between September and November.

“The forecast is for at least an average season. My forecast would have called for an above-average season, but if we go by the average season, then we can look for the average amount from September of four main storms and three hurricanes,” Destin revealed.

At press time, Category 5 Hurricane Dorian was parked over and battering the northwestern Bahamas.

It is the fourth named storm in the Atlantic season and the first major hurricane.

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