Trial of former Transport Board boss continues

Harry Josiah (File photo)
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The trial of former general manager of the Antigua and Barbuda Transport Board (ABTB) Harry Josiah continues today.

It has been alleged that Josiah performed his duties for the purpose of obtaining company vehicles and for the said cars to be transferred to other people by virtue of a forged document.

More witnesses were called to the stand in the High Court yesterday to give their recollection and verification of evidence presented by the lead prosecutor in the case, attorney Andrew O’Kola.

The prosecution completed interrogation of handwriting experts and investigating officers.

It was found that the handwriting on several documents, including change of ownership certificates and Customs declaration forms for four cars, was consistent with the handwriting belonging to Josiah.

“I have no doubt in concluding that, in my opinion, the questioned presenting in the case were executed by the accused, Harry Josiah,” O’Kola said, referring to the signatures.

An investigation into the ABTB’s management during Josiah’s leadership was launched in 2014. He remained home due to indefinite suspension, but returned to work in January 2015 after the suspension was reversed.

However, the police probed further into the matter in March 2015 which resulted in a number of vehicles, furniture, documents and other materials being seized from Josiah’s home.

This led to Josiah being charged for offences allegedly committed between 2009 and 2010 – six counts of forgery, six counts of uttering, three counts of corruption, three counts of larceny, and three counts of obtaining vehicles by virtue of false documents.

Additional charges were laid against the former Transport Board boss in late March 2015.

Josiah now faces eight counts of corruption and three counts of fraud.

Genevieve Phillip, who allegedly acquired one of the cars under fraudulent circumstances, is also on trial with Josiah as she is said to have assisted the corruption.

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