Trial date set for duo charged with receiving stolen jewellery, third accused freed of charges

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By Latrishka Thomas

[email protected]

Two men who allegedly received expensive pieces of jewellery stolen from the home of Teresa Anne Michael, the sister of well-known politician Asot Michael, will be put on trial on September 28.

The men were implicated in the robbery after Kenisha Whyte-Challenger, Kerriano Thomas and Jevon Lloyd — who are currently serving a 14-year sentence for the robbery — allegedly gave them some of the stolen items.

Whyte-Challenger, Thomas, and Lloyd were jointly convicted of aggravated robbery after they pleaded guilty to invading the house on May 11 2019 and stealing over $600,000 worth of jewellery along with other items.

Meanwhile, three other persons — Ian O’Brien, Vernon Braithwaite and Ivlaw John — were charged with receiving the goods knowing that they were the proceeds of a crime.

It is said that Lloyd gave his share of the jewellery to a female friend and that, on May 13 2019, she and Lloyd went to a jewellery store where she sold a gold chain to John.

The next day, Braithwaite allegedly sold some more of the stolen jewellery.

It is also believed that, in June 2019, Thomas took a necklace to a jewellery store where O’Brien agreed to pay for the item.

However, the prosecution yesterday withdrew the charge against O’Brien, but will proceed to trial with the other two accused.

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