Top cop suspension challenge in court today

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The Police Service Commission is not going to be buckling today in the High Court on its belief that it lawfully suspended Commissioner of Police Wendel Robinson.
Dr. David Dorsett, who represents the body which took action against the top cop on April 5, said he has already filed written responses to Robinson’s application for judicial review.
Attorney General Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin has also made his submissions in response after having been named as a defendant in the matter.
Yesterday, Dr. Dorsett affirmed, “The police service commission is fully ready to argue the case that it acted properly and lawfully in suspending the Commissioner of Police. We are ready to argue that case and we have filed our submissions, our submissions were filed last week.”
Although written arguments have been filed, in civil cases the parties are given an opportunity to make further oral arguments, and if necessary, more time for additional written applications.
Dr. Dorsett said the PSC is challenging the commissioner’s application before Justice Godfrey Smith, on one ground.
“He has said that we have acted illegally and we are saying that is just not so, we have not acted illegally, we have acted in a manner consistent with the police discipline regulations, in particular regulation 16,” the lawyer said.
Nearly three months ago, three of Robinson’s male subordinates and a civilian seeking entry into the police force filed official complaints with the Commission, alleging that he, Robinson, made unwanted sexual advances towards them repeatedly.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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