CMC workers still awaiting response to complaint

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Five months after penning a complaint letter to the minister of agriculture about their concerns with their general manager, workers at the Central Marketing Corporation said they are still awaiting a response.
On January 18, 2018, more than a dozen staff signed a complaint letter to CMC’s board of directors and copied it to Arthur Nibbs, the then minister of agriculture. The complaint stated that their general manager, Heatherlyn Millett, has been “oppressing staff” for four years.
Fast forward to the month of June, and the workers are alleging that the situation has not improved so they are giving the authorities one month to do something.
“She has been vile and disrespectful to most of the staff over the years and as such we class her as a bully. She has created a most unpleasant atmosphere throughout the corporation and as such left us heavy-hearted. Call it what you may – depressed, miserable, sad, joyless,” the January complaint letter read.
The letter closed by stating that a change was expected in the hopes that staff could function in unity.
On Friday, about a dozen workers walked off the job as they try to bring pressure on the authorities to have Millett removed.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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