Too many unanswered questions about accused killer’s escape

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Joanne Massiah, member of parliament, has said that the police have an obligation to be fully transparent and forthcoming with the circumstances that led to an accused serial killer escaping from police custody on Monday.
Massiah, the leader of the Democratic National Alliance (DNA), said Thursday on OBSERVER AM that she remains “perplexed” about how 23-year-old Delano Forbes managed the feat while he was supposedly shackled by his ankles.
She said the paramount question is, “Was he restrained?”
She added that the police top brass should make a public statement about what happened.
“How many officers accompanied him? What was each of their physical size and level of fitness? Were members of the K-9 Unit present with police dogs? I am bewildered as to how with a person’s feet shackled…if he was sighted in Parham, is he still restrained? Is he being assisted?” Massiah asked.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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