They are so full of it

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This Antigua Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) administration is the phoniest and most pretentious government we have ever had here in Antigua and Barbuda.  Almost nothing is ever really what it seems, and the words emanating from on high are so often far removed from reality. As a result, disillusionment is rife here in Antigua and Barbuda!

We here at NEWSCO were recently reminded of the vain utterances, for which this administration is infamous, when we took a peek at a DAILY OBSERVER article dating back some two years ago.  It is entitled, MAGISTRATES COURTS NEARING COMPLETION, BENJAMIN SAYS. According to the report: The Minister of Legal Affairs, Steadroy Benjamin, has expressed satisfaction with the work done to date to rehabilitate both the All Saints Magistrates Court and the St. John’s Magistrates Court which, he added, were about three to four months away from completion. Work on the original premises of the All Saints Magistrates Court which has been temporarily relocated to the Transport Board Headquarters in Herberts, and the St. John’s Magistrates Court, now temporarily located at the Grays Green Community Centre, has been ongoing since March this year. Minister Benjamin told reporters that he was pleased with what has been happening to renovate both courts. ‘The court has had an uplift, we have looked at the [All Saints] Magistrates Court and we are looking at dealing with the Magistrates Court in St. John’s… and that will become the central Magistrates Court,’ he said.” Sigh! Talk about mamagism!

And that’s the problem with this administration – so much sweet-sounding nothing! On every matter, those in high places wax eloquent on the wonderful things that are being worked on, and the wonderful way in which they will all be completed, ‘soonest.’ Talk about flights of fancy! This administration has made a virtue out of hyperbole and playing ‘footsie’ with the truth. Even before Covid hit us, this flippant administration was lying to its face about the wonderful work being done on the Courts, and that the work was about three/four months away from completion. Heaven help us!

Recently, we have been hearing more fallacies about the plans and the drawings, and the ‘dis’ and the ‘dat,’ that they are waiting on before work can commence on the St. John’s Magistrates Court. This, after it was reported two years ago that the work was three/four months away from completion. This, after the relocation to the Knuckleblock Community Centre in Grays Farm was promised to be only a temporary measure. Folks, if this administration tells you to walk, we suggest that you run like hell!

In the meantime, we recommend that you take a look at the ‘wonderful things’ happening at the state of the art hospital on Nugent Avenue and the ADOMS building, and so on and so forth. So much ‘big talk’, and so very little to show for it! Whatever happened to the noble notion of “Promise made, promise kept?” It is an alien concept to this administration.

We Antiguans and Barbudans must never allow ourselves to again be fooled by this band of fast-talkers. They have taken us repeatedly on emotional roller-coasters, getting us all excited about their ‘wonderfulness,’ then dashing our hopes and expectations ‘against a stone.’  It is not good for our psyche, our emotional wellbeing. Let us not again be fooled by these people with an exaggerated sense of their own importance and competence. They are full of it!

Consider, if you will, the English fable entitled LYING TALE. Seems, there were once five men. The first had no eyes, the second had no legs, the third was dumb, the fourth had no arms, the fifth was naked. The blind man exclaimed, “Eh, lads, I see a bird!” The dumb man said, “I’ll shoot it!” The man without legs said, “I’ll run after it!” The man without arms said, “I’ll pick it up!” And the naked man said, “I’ll put it in my pocket!” Hmmm! They all had their shortcomings, but yet they were making grandiose promises to do this and do that. Much like those in high places in this administration.

They would do well to heed the warning of Teacher Percy, as so beautifully sung by Lord Nelson in KING LIAR.

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