Telecommunications minister says developing 5G network in AB will benefit communities

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By Robert A. Emmanuel

Telecommunications Minister, Melford Nicholas, reiterated his stance that every household and business must be connected to the Internet

Speaking in an interview, Nicholas spoke about the impact of 5G network particularly as it relates to the ‘internet of thing (IoT).’

In elaborating, Nicholas said that the Antigua Public Utilities Authority’s (APUA) development of a 5G network will allow consumers to obtain higher speeds, which will be beneficial for data-driven industries and businesses and will also support the internet of things (IoT).

Internet of Things or IoT is a system of interconnecting devices through the Internet, according to Forbes.

Minister Nicholas said, “It is now not only connecting human beings to the telecommunications network, we are connecting inanimate things, like motor vehicles and streetlights.”

The Telecommunications Minister added that the development of a 5G network will also be of interest to communities, especially farmers.

Farmers have been clamoring over the increase in praedial larceny, calling on the government to provide assistance.

Nicholas reiterated a suggestion he made during a Cabinet briefing, as a way that 5G network will be beneficial to the Antiguan public. “There is feasible technology that exists where these animals could be implanted under their skins with a certain type of equipment which could track the movement of the livestock using IoT equipment in the field,” he said

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