Adaption Fund holds annual Climate Finance Readiness Seminar in AB

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By Robert A. Emmanuel

The Adaptation Fund, which has financed projects and programmes in developing countries to help vulnerable communities adapt to climate change, began the 6th Annual Climate Finance Readiness Seminar in Antigua and Barbuda on Monday.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Chief Environmental Officer of the Department of the Environment, Ambassador Dianne Black-Layne, spoke about the frequency hurricanes that have increased due to climate change and the resulting determination of Antiguans and Barbudans to build resilience to that change.

She added that Adaptation Fund programmes have helped vulnerable communities in Antigua and Barbuda enhance drainage and create climate-resilient buildings.

Speaking on the theme of the seminar, Gender and Innovation in Adaptation, she stressed the importance of the inclusion of men and women in the workforce.

The 5-day seminar, which is being co-hosted with the Antigua and Barbuda Department of the Environment, brought together over twenty Adaptation Fund national implementation entities from around the world to share experiences and knowledge.

Additionally, members at the seminar will visit project sites for the country’s Adaptation Fund project entitled, “An integrated approach to physical adaptation and community resilience in Antigua and Barbuda’s northwest McKinnon’s watershed.”

This is according to the documentation of the McKinnon’s project, begun in 2017, and expected to be completed in December 2020.

The almost US $10 million climate change project is designed to help the communities near the McKinnon’s watershed become more resilient to flooding, hurricanes, and higher temperatures through drainage systems, retention ponds and wetlands restoration.

The project will also provide concessional loans to densely-populated urban low-income residents, enabling them to climate-proof their homes and businesses.

Grants will also be provided to community groups to develop climate-resilient buildings and storm shelters.

Since 2010, the Adaptation Fund has committed about US$ 657 million for climate change adaptation and resilience projects and programmes, including 94 concrete localized adaptation projects in the most vulnerable communities of developing countries around the world, with more than 6 million direct beneficiaries.

It has also pioneered Direct Access, empowering countries to access funding and develop projects directly through accredited national implementing entities.

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