Suspected suicide in St. Johnston

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A St. Johnston’s Village man was found hanging at his home in the wee hours of today, and it is a suspected suicide according to residents. The dead man’s name is yet to be confirmed.
Residents in the area said they heard sirens shortly after 2 a.m. and when they looked out they observed Emergency Medical Personnel on the property and the dead man’s sister pointing them to his body.
The woman reportedly told the medical team she found her sibling hanging, she took him down, and it appeared he had a pulse. But, by the time the EMS arrived, her brother was dead.
One resident said he saw the deceased around midnight, sitting on the gallery, talking to himself.
He said while he noted it, he did not suspect anything wrong at the time. The resident said the dead man was very kind and helpful to neighbours and often cleaned their yards, even without being asked.
The deceased worked with a clean up crew contracted by the National Solid Waste Management Authority.

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