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Sports director welcomes completion of YASCO surface

By Neto Baptiste

Director of Sports and former national sprinter Heather Samuel-Daley has welcomed the installation of a new and certified surface at the YASCO Sports Complex.

Speaking on the Good Morning Jojo Sports in celebration of International Women’s Day on Monday, Daley said a new generation will benefit from the Mondo surface both from a training and competitive standpoint.

“I was here [YASCO] when the first piece of surface went down and I was here when for last piece. I heard two former athletes say they have been waiting 30 years and that just sent a kind of feeling towards me. This generation will experience running on a certified surface, and any time or distance that they do at this YASCO facility will be counted, so it gives me a sense of great joy,” she said. 

Mondo technicians recently completed the installation and marking of the surface at the country’s lone track and field facility. The track has been closed for several years while work was ongoing at the facility.

Daley, one of the country’s most decorated athletes in track and field, said that an upgraded facility brings with it a new level of enthusiasm amongst young athletes.

“I thought in 2004 that I was going to get to run on the surface when it was redone in 2004 but, unfortunately, things happened but on this one I know I am coaching athletes that will run on it and the other athletes are so excited to start training on this surface,” the sports director said.

The YASCO Sports Complex, following certification of the surface and its markings, will be eligible to host regional and international events. 



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