Sisters hoping to make waves in Barbuda’s yachting industry

Alana Nedd /Althea Nedd
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Two Barbudan sisters are on a mission to put their home island on the world map as a must-see charter yacht destination.

Alana and Althea Nedd own and run a thriving new business by the name of Booyard Yacht Services.

Being entrepreneurs has always been the sisters’ dream but it took them some time to identify the right business.

Booyard Yacht Services was established in 2020 in the heart of the pandemic. Operations Manager Alana explained that it was through her love of superyachts, combined with her knowledge of the yachting industry, and the need for reliable, professional yacht services in Barbuda, that the idea was conceived and shared with Althea.

The pair embarked on a journey to establish a brand and position themselves in an industry they believe is about to take off amid the abundance of high-end development that is presently taking place in Barbuda. Meetings and consultations were held with yacht agents in Antigua and most were eager to share their knowledge of the sector, Alana said.

As with any business, challenges and obstacles surfaced, but that didn’t the stop the determined duo from pressing forward.

Since the reopening up of the country’s borders after the Covid pandemic, Booyard Yacht Services has assisted a number of superyachts visiting Barbuda. Some of the services they offer are Customs and Immigration clearance, concierge services, land provisioning, island tours and garbage disposal.

When asked what they would like to see for Barbuda’s yachting industry, both sisters echoed the same sentiment which is a proper marina equipped with water, fuel and electricity stations to accommodate all types and classes of boats. They also want to see a fully functioning Customs, Immigration, and Port Authority office to aide in the smooth clearance of visiting vessels.

The 2023 yachting season is set to commence in a few weeks and the sisters are anticipating a busy and exiting one.

To follow their journey, find them on Facebook and Instagram. They can be contacted at [email protected].

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