Senior Citizens association hit by burglaries

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By Carlena Knight

One non-profit organisation providing critical services to the elderly has been left to pick up the pieces after its headquarters fell victim to burglaries.

For the second time this month, the office of the Antigua and Barbuda Association for Senior Citizens (ABASC) was broken into on Sunday night as bandits apparently left nothing untouched at the Emms Drive location.

Vernie George, president of the ABASC, told Observer, “Last night they came in again because yesterday afternoon I passed and took a look around and this morning now when we came in, the door was broken off, and they cleaned us out again. They took everything now,” she said.

She added that a number of items had been stolen to include a television, printer, DVD player and a blood pressure monitor.

Although the association presently is not functioning due to the Covid-19 pandemic, George said that her team has been left at a disadvantage in terms of providing the services to the elderly, once they are back up and running.

“Well, because of the [Covid-19] right now, we are not working but when we are in, we come in here and have games, we go out, speakers come in and now we are at a disadvantage because if, for instance, the country reopens — let us say in September — we don’t have anything.”

George is now appealing to the public to assist the association in any way possible.

An investigation into the break-ins is currently underway.

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