Rohrman Sports Association dedicates new hiking trail bench in honor of Andre Simon 

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The Rohrman Sports Association is delighted to announce the dedication of a new bench on the hiking trails of Antigua, in honor of the late Andre Simon.

This initiative reflects our ongoing commitment to promoting outdoor activities and honoring those who have significantly contributed to our community. 

The bench was installed on Tuesday, June 4, 2024, thanks to the collective efforts of dedicated volunteers: Rishi Ramlalack, Kimanie Simon, Alistair Savoury, Jeremy Clarke, Jerome Henry, Dale Parker, McEwen Ivor Morris, and Rory Butler.

This new resting spot offers hikers a serene place to pause and take in the natural beauty of Antigua’s trails. 

“This bench is a tribute to Andre Simon’s love for nature and his dedication to our community,” said Justine Butler, a key organizer of the national trail project and a member of the Rohrman Sports Association.

“We are excited to add this meaningful addition to our trails, encouraging more people to explore and appreciate the beauty of Antigua.” 

The national trail project, a collaborative effort led by 268 Trails, Wadadli Trail Blazers, 5AM Hikers, the Jolly Hikers, and others, has resulted in the voluntary development of trails across Antigua and Barbuda.

This project was spearheaded by Orrin Steele, Jason Joseph, Dayson Brewster, Joseph Chin, Justine Butler, and Rory Butler. It also led to the establishment of a free hiking guide available at

The project was supported by generous sponsors, including the Ministry of Tourism, Antigua & Barbuda Tourism Authority, Second Star Sailing, Galley Bay Hotel, SO Ltd, H&G Paints, Frank Wall Ltd and Hurricane Power Athletic Club.

The exact location of the bench remains undisclosed, encouraging hikers to explore and discover this hidden gem on their own. We invite everyone to enjoy the trails, find the bench, and share their experience by posting a photo.

A plaque commemorating Andre Simon and a board for visitors to sign their names will be added later this week, providing an interactive and lasting tribute.

In addition to the trail project, the Rohrman Sports Association is also the organizer of the annual AUA Rohrman, a triathlon festival named in honor of the late Jonathan Rohr, a former triathlete and AUA student.

The event aims to boost sports development and sports tourism in Antigua & Barbuda.

This year’s Rohrman will be held on August 24th and 25th, 2024, featuring 10 triathlons on Saturday, August 24th, and a separate 8k swim, 10k road run, and 13k trail race on Sunday, August 25th.

All triathlons take place at Ffreyes and all the Sunday races start at Morris Bay and finish at Ffreyes Beach. 

The event is proudly sponsored by the American University of Antigua, The Athlete’s Foot, Island Provision, Acqua Panna, Pellegrino, The Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority, Second Star Sailing, Ticketing, Rocks Group, Energie Antigua, Molihawk House, Doctors Clinic, CG Construction, Antigua VIP Tours, VCMG, Cole White, SO Ltd, H&G Paints, Good Humans 268, Hurricane Power Athletic Club, Frank Wall Ltd, and Margrie Hunt.

The event is also supported by the Royal Police Force of Antigua & Barbuda, ABSAR, the Coast Guard, the EMS and many volunteers.

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