Community Health Improvement Week is celebrated in St Mary’s South

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The UPP’s St Mary’s South branch is celebrating  Community Health Improvement Week. This initiative aims to highlight the importance of collaboration in creating a healthier community and finding innovative solutions to today’s health challenges.

The week of activities began with UPP branch members attending the Sunday morning worship service at the Urlings Moravian Church. They donated a wheelchair, blood sugar monitors and infrared thermometers to assist with community health initiatives.

On Sunday afternoon, a team of volunteers ventured through the constituency to visit the sick, shut-ins and the elderly. They distributed vitamins, pain killers, rubbing alcohol, adult pampers, ointments, walkers, canes, bed spreads, blood sugar monitors and other supplies.

Later this week, the team of volunteers will visit the two clinics in St Mary’s South to present gift baskets to the nurses and other healthcare providers to show appreciation for their dedication to community health.

“Happiness doesn’t result from what we get but from what we give, and everyone can play a role in advancing the health of our community. I encourage everyone to think about ways to enhance the well-being of the community, especially that of our elderly and shut-in. We want to emphasise community involvement as a key ingredient in making sustainable improvements in our health,” MP Kelvin Simon stated.

“Community Health Improvement Week provides us with a great opportunity to recognise the efforts of our health workers, who play an important role in keeping the communities we serve healthy and safe.  These professionals work hard with limited resources, and often in extenuating circumstances, to provide services to individuals in need.

“We can rise together to  strengthen our community through collaborative and creative work and by investing in our own health and that of those in our community,” Simon concluded.

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