Robinson to take the PSC to court

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The suspension of Police Commissioner, Wendel Robinson is heading to the High Court, according to one of his attorneys, Sir Richard Cheltenham.
The lawyer says the Police Service Commission met the April 20th deadline for responding to demands for reinstatement, but the answers were not in Robinson’s favour…
And he remains suspended, pending the outcome of a probe into alleged sexual advances to three male colleagues and victimization of the men for spurning his attention.
Sir Richard read to us, some of the letter, dated April 20th and signed by Sir Gerald Watt and Dr. David Dorsett, the attorneys for the Police Service Commission.

Sir Richard says this has left his client with no choice but to approach the court, even though there is an appeal process to a tribunal.

The attorney, based in Barbados, is hoping to get the relevant documents to Robinson’s legal counsel in Antigua soon, so the application for judicial review could be filed by Thursday.
Wendel Robison was suspended with half pay earlier this month.
Sir Richard says he’s now receiving his full salary, a demand that was also made in his client’s April 13th letter to the Police Service Commission.
According to the Attorney, Robinson is taking everything in stride.

Attorney-at-Law, Sir Richard Cheltenham.

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