Remembering Bruce Greenaway one year later

Bruce Greenaway with his children
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By Elesha George  

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When Bruce Greenaway, 43 years old, left his family’s home to buy sweet potatoes last year Easter, they never thought it was the last time that they would see him alive.

On April, 13, 2020, the police found Bruce’s body close to the shoreline of Indian Creek. His autopsy later showed that he died as a result of strangulation.

Bruce left behind two daughters and a grandson who was born shortly after he died. He was known by friends and family as “Jungle” or “Yankee.”

Although he is no longer here physically, his sister, Kimberly Greenaway, said his comedic character and his infectious laugh will live on as a highlight at family gatherings.

“He always knew what to say. Even if you were annoyed or whatever, he knew what to say to make you laugh. You couldn’t keep a serious face around him,” she told Observer.

While it has been hard on the family to cope with his abrupt death, it was especially difficult for Kimberly this Easter.

“It was a very difficult time last Friday because it was the same preparation – our family would cook together every Good Friday – everybody brings a dish, and the last thing he did before this whole ordeal happened, is to go buy the sweet potatoes. He was sent out to do that so, that was the last we saw him,” she shared.

On his birthday last September, Kimberly said she cleaned up his grave and laid flowers at the site.

“It’s hard, I won’t lie, because at the end of the day, a family is like a tree, we all grow in different directions, but at the end of the day we’re connected by one [tree]” …” The longer it stretches out, the more difficult it can be but we just try to keep our emotions intact and focus on what’s important at this time,” she noted.

Just two days ago, his younger sister who lives in Texas, bought a plant and named it “Junior “after Bruce.

“We do little things in our own little ways to cherish him and to just keep his memory alive, and he loved his plants,” Kimberly remarked.

Four security force personnel have since been charged with Bruce’s murder. Kimberly says the family is allowing due process to take place, and is trusting and praying that the judicial system find justice for her brother.

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