Re-application for Barbuda airport injunction political – Gaston Browne

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Prime Minister Gaston Browne believes that the current legal battle regarding the construction of an international airport in Barbuda is highly political.
The attorneys representing the two Barbudans who filed the first injunction to stop construction on the international airport there say that they may re-apply for another injunction.
“This is just the usual obstructionists who are hellbent on stymieing progress,” Browne told OBSERVER media.
He said further that the move is being masterminded by operatives of the Barbuda Peoples Movement who are seeking to become, “king of the ashes.”
Browne also said that he hopes that they can foot the bill caused by their actions to stymie the project.
“A bunch of selfish deracinates who have no sense of loyalty to the state,” the prime minister added.
Browne did not tell us exactly how much the court battle and delay of the project cost the government.
Senior Counsel, Leslie Thomas, who represents the Barbudans, said on Wednesday that the judgement simply concluded that the injunction application needed to be heard again to allow the government to respond.
Thomas maintained that the construction of the airport appears to have been carried out without lawful planning permission and without an adequate Environmental Impact Assessment.
He said that the High Court of Antigua and Barbuda has already granted them permission to consider the case at a judicial review hearing on September 26.
Thomas is calling on the government and the developers to desist from any further construction on the airport.

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