Quinn: Tennis Association used best possible selection method for Davis Cup team

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General Secretary of the Antigua & Barbuda Tennis Association (ABTA), Peter Quinn, has sought to allay concerns over the methods used to select the country’s Davis Cup team published on Monday in The Daily OBSERVER.
The team, which consists of veterans Kevin Gardner and Carlton Bedminister, also includes young and overseas-based Jody Maginley and Cordell Williams Jr.
Quinn, speaking on The Good Morning Jojo Sports Show on Tuesday, Quinn sought to explain and justify the selection process used for this year’s team.
“Most of our players are based overseas where some are either going to college or are teaching tennis while others are working overseas and then we have a few players who are based here. Once we got the approval from the ITF that we were accepted to play in the Davis Cup this year, we sent out an invitation to all of the players, even players … asking them to write to us indicating an expression of interest in representing Antigua & Barbuda at the Davis Cup,” he said.
Quinn added that although some players responded positively, others said they were not in a position to make themselves available.
“Some persons indicated right up front that yes, they were interested and others said they were not too sure but we collated all of the responses and then sent follow up requests asking all of the players to indicate their availability, to indicate whether or not they could journey to Antigua to participate in a camp and if not, to indicate their current tennis activity,” he said.
One of the intentions, the general secretary added, was to host open trials for all players wishing to represent the country. This however, proved challenging owing to the cost factor.
“As a matter of a fact, that was the original intention, to have all the players come back to Antigua to participate in a camp or a trial or however you want to frame it and then from that, we will determine the ranking of the players based on the results,” Quinn said.
“That proves to be quite a challenge because some of the players, they really couldn’t afford to come home at this time and the [tennis association] would actually have to purchase the tickets for [them] to come and participate in the camp. Other players had other commitments with respect to their other engagements at their current places of employment so it was a bit of a challenge trying to coordinate that,” he added.
Former national and Davis Cup player, John Maginley, will play the role of captain-coach while the team will be managed by president of the tennis association, Cordell Williams Sr.

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