$6 million to bring back Wadadli Plant

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The Antigua Public Utilities Authority’s (APUA) Electricity Manager has revealed that it will cost EC $6 million to bring three of the six engines at the Wadadli Power Plant (WPP) back online.
Andre Matthias said an assessment of the repairs necessary had been completed and a company by the name of Damex WinPower – which specialises in power plant maintenance – would be part of WPP’s rehabilitation.
According to the electricity manager, the $6 million figure includes the cost of the work to be done, the contracted services and the parts needed for the plant.
APUA, via a press release on Tuesday, said that the Electricity Business Unit has begun repairs to the plant and expects it to be operational by the end of the year. Matthias concurred that the target deadline was feasible.
The plant has been out of operation since October 2016, according to APUA. Matthias said there were many issues affecting the plant varying from electricity charges to common concerns such as rusting.
The plant’s total capacity is 30 megawatts and with three engines online it will produce 15 megawatts. According to Matthias, all six of the engines were running but only four would be online at any one point because the plant’s transformer could only handle four engines at any one time.

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