Property owner within rights to fence his land near Laurys Bay Beach

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There have been recent enquiries by members of the public regarding access to the coastline at Laurys Bay for recreational purposes, by way of a road that runs through lands owned by a private developer. 

The Antigua and Barbuda Survey Department confirms that the road and these lands are owned by the developer. The developer recently fenced his property and placed a gate across his road. 

The Development Control Authority (DCA), in investigating the matter, found that the developer is within his right to fence his land; and that the road in question does not lead to a beach, but to a rocky coastline and a jetty. 

Further investigations revealed that there is actually a white sandy beach along the eastern side of Laurys Bay, but which does not have clear public access. 

Consequently, the developer has kindly offered to construct a road along the eastern boundary of his land from the main road, to provide unrestricted public access to the beach. 

Construction of this road commenced over a month ago and is expected to be completed within a short period.

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