Prison boss says attorneys must conform to rules

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The man at the helm of Her Majesty’s Prison said lawyers who refuse to con- form to the regulations at the penal facility will be barred from visiting clients.
Albert Wade, the superintendent of prisons, told OBSERVER media yesterday that attorneys visiting clients are being asked to fill out a visitors’ form before at- tempting to see people held at the Coronation Road prison.
Wade said the permission forms were one of the changes implemented when he became the prison boss in 2014, however, attorneys were not being given the form. He added that recent events have lead to the prison demanding that lawyers fill out an application form, at least one day before they intend to visit.
“Some lawyers seem to believe that Her Majesty’s Prison is their home or private offices, that they can just come in any time they wish, and it will not happen under my watch. It is a prison and proper protocols must be in place to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the facility,” Wade said.
Attorneys have voiced concerns over the policy that requires them to provide photo identification and their dates of birth.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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