Benjamin’s Job Not In Jeopardy

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Head coach of the Lee- ward Islands Hurricanes, Winston Benjamin will be offered a contract extension when his current one-year deal expires in August of this year.
This was confirmed by newly re-elected President of the Leeward Islands Cricket Board (LICB), Enoch Lewis, who said that thus far, there are no reasons to remove the Antiguan from the role.
“This is going to be an ongoing discussion. As it is, he is our coach and he is on a one-year contract initially, which ends in August. So far there are no reasons to change that, so I am thinking that once things go normally, in August we will extend that contract for probably another two-year period,” he said.
The Hurricanes finished at the bottom of the standings  in  the  2016/17  installment of the Regional 4 Day competition while finishing third this year.
Meanwhile, the team had a dismal run in the Super50 this year, failing to qualify for the quarterfinals after having made it to the semis last year.
Lewis said the board is pleased despite the draw- backs.
“We met with him on the weekend just to hear where he thought, when he came to the franchise, we were and where he thinks we are now and what needs to be done. We expressed congratulations in terms of bringing the team from where it was and where it is. We finished third in the Four-Day competition this year,” he said.
The finals of the Regional Super50 is slated for Saturday night at the Coolidge Cricket Ground starting at 7 p.m.

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