Prime Minister Browne’s Plan to Tackle Youth Violence and Foster Prosperity

pm browne
pm browne
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There has been a worrying trend of violence among young people in Antigua and Barbuda, which has reached an all-time high.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne addressed this issue in his New Year speech, expressing his sadness and concern over the rise in youth violence.

He emphasized that if this trend continues, it could hinder the social and economic advancement of the entire country.

In order to tackle this issue, the government has urged residents to encourage young people to pursue education and training, and seek honest employment opportunities.

The Prime Minister believes that by doing so, young people can earn a respectable living, invest in property, and contribute to their families and country.

He says the government is investing heavily in education and training by providing scholarships and establishing schools.

They are also creating an Entrepreneurial Development Fund worth millions of dollars to support entrepreneurship, particularly youth entrepreneurship.

Additionally, the government is attracting investments to create jobs and small business services that generate income.

He said all stakeholders, including parents, must intervene urgently and continuously to prevent this trend from growing.

Browne suggested that young people be provided with productive and worthwhile activities that they can be proud of and that the nation can honor them for.

The government’s aim, he said, is to redirect the development of young people towards areas that will bring them social acceptance and personal rewards.

He said the existing investments will create more employment opportunities, and business will continue to flourish, making it another pillar of hope and prosperity for all in our nation.

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