Primary for St Peter to be held tonight

L-R: Chaneil Jackson-Imhoff, Colin Isaac, Trevaughn Harriette
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By Carlena Knight

The candidate who will represent the United Progressive Party (UPP) in the Constituency St Peter will be selected this evening through a primary in which Branch members will cast their votes.

It is the final primary for the main opposition party and the winner will be added to the slate that will contest the next general elections, constitutionally due in 2023.

Vying for the spot are award winning entrepreneur and youth politician, Chaneil Jackson-Imhoff; Collin Isaac, who was the UPP’s candidate for St Peter in the 2018 elections; and national footballer, Tevaughn “Peter Reds” Harriette.

The exercise will begin at 6 pm at the Pigotts Primary School and according to the UPP’s Deputy Political Leader, Jamale Pringle, it will decide who will be one of the last candidates to be added to the slate.

“[The political leader] Harold Lovell is not going to change; St Peter’s will be the last primary. I think at the end of the month all the candidates will be concrete,” Pringle said.

To date, the UPP has rolled out a number of new candidates to include Sean Bird (St John’s Rural East), Sherfield Bowen (St Phillip’s South), and Algernon “Serpent” Watts (St George), Alister Thomas (St John’s City West), Dr Cleon Athill  (St Paul), Pearl-Quinn Williams (St John’s Rural North), Alex Browne, (St Phillip’s North), Gladys Potter (St John’s Rural South), Anthony Smith Jr (All Saints West).

Also on the slate are Political Leader Harold Lovell for St John’s City East; Senator Richard Lewis, St John’s Rural West; Cortwright Marshall, St Mary’s South; Michael Burton, St John’s City South; Jonathon Joseph, St Mary’s North; and sitting MP and Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, Jamale Pringle.

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