President of local sports club calls on other clubs to keep records on players

President of the Liberta Sports Club, Kenneth Benjamin.
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By Carlena Knight

President of the Liberta Sports Club, Kenneth “Flipper” Benjamin, has called on all local sports club to begin recording statistics on their players.

The former West Indian cricketer believes that post Covid, all clubs should look at addressing this issue as it imperative that the history of sports can be looked at several years down the road.

“One of the problems that we are facing, and I tell you what, since 2008 we have started looking at our records seriously, but the thing is that there are a couple of problems. The clubs are not organised so who is going to do that? Where are they going to store them? So you see, there are a couple of factor, but what I would want to say, let us as clubs, all the clubs in Antigua, let us make an effort post Covid whenever sports start back, that we start to keep precise records because 50 years from now, somebody will be able to say ‘hey from since 2021, this is what happened in my club.’”

Benjamin says that with the age of technology it would be even easier to collect and save data.

“This is an opportunity now for us to say ‘okay, let’s start from now.’ So, from here going forward, all these things that were spoken about ‘how much runs this guy made in a Super 40 since Covid,’ because it’s just like the post war. A lot of records people started to record them. Some of us even started recording after independence….and now that it is an era of technology and so forth those shouldn’t be an issue anymore because you can always pick a photo and save it in a file somewhere.”

Benjamin was on the Good Morning JoJo Sports show when he made those comments.

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