Port Manager says improving customer service a top priority

photo credit: Antigua Port Authority
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Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Antigua and Barbuda Port Authority, Darwin Telemaque says the recipe for attracting more businesses to the port is an improved customer service experience.

He says the Authority will have to become attractive in how it delivers services to the service providers who bring their cargo to Antigua.

The Antigua and Barbuda Port Authority is attempting to attract more and new shipping lines to the country, after Crowley Shipping discontinued its services in the Leeward Islands in October.  

In addition to working on improving the attitude of the workforce, he also shared that the Authority was working on improving its technology and equipment to attract more and new cargo business.

“We want to make the ships feel that we are interested in them, we want to discharge their cargo quicker, we want to load them back quicker, we want to make sure that our equipment is functioning well,” Telemaque said.

Although ports in the region continue to face issues with trying to find new businesses to come in as shipping lines, Telemaque says the port continues to explore ways it can strengthen its relationship with existing lines in order to boost revenue as well.

“We are looking at those who are doing business with us now to see if we could expand what they do, thereby bringing in more revenue and that can be done in the form of transhipment services that we can attract from some of the other lines. Maybe direct service into Antigua,” he explained.

The idea, he says is to identify additional lines that can generate revenue to the port to replace what was lost when Crowley left the region.

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