Police issue crime prevention tips for Christmas season

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The police have urged the public to adopt several safety measures, specifically going into the Christmas season. Among the tips coming from the authorities, is increased vigilance from farmers, as well as from individuals operating construction sites.

The alleged thefts of Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) cylinders are one of the major items in the list of tips coming from the police. 

Noting their concern of these alleged incidents, they have advised residents to properly secure the cylinders, whether at their residences or places of business. 

Both vegetable and livestock farmers are also being encouraged to make regular visits to their farms over this period, to ensure their property and assets remain intact. 

Similarly, home or business owners are advised to make regular checks at construction sites, ensuring building materials and other equipment are accounted for and secure.

The security of residences should also be prioritized, with proper locking mechanisms in place. 

As for personal safety, residents should remain vigilant in their daily travels, avoiding exposure of valuables such as cash and jewellery while in public spaces. 

These items should not be left inside parked vehicles, as that could result in vandalism or possible theft. 

The police have also asked the public to desist purchasing items believed to be stolen or otherwise illegally obtained. 

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