Police investigate suspected suicide

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The suspected suicide of a St. Johnston Village man has left his devastated family members questioning what could have driven 47-year-old Godfrey Henry to hang himself.
Yesterday morning at approximately 1:45, Henry’s now-grieving sister found him hanging from a curtain tied to the roof of his gallery.
Renia Henry told OBSERVER media that she peered through the window and saw her older brother hanging.
“I ran to knock on my mother’s bedroom door. Then, I ran to the back room to get my son, and he and my son’s child’s mother cut him down,” the sibling said.
Cheryl Henry, the mother of the deceased, added that her son came home at approximately 11 p.m. on Sunday and was uncontrollably loud so she asked him to quiet down.
“He asked his cousin to borrow her [charger], but he knows she takes it to work…he was cursing, and I told him not to come in. He pushed in the door. Then, I didn’t hear any more noise or talking, so I thought he had gone somewhere to sleep it off, like what he usually does. After about 15 minutes without noise my daughter came pounding on the door,” she said.That’s when she got the news of the hanging.
The police were summoned to the home and the Guyanese-born man, who had been residing in Antigua since 2004, was later pronounced dead. His body was moved to Straffie’s Funeral Home.
Henry’s death has also left his aunt in his homeland devastated by the news.
According to family members, the St. Johnston Village man worked as a garbage collector for Rawlins Enterprise, which is contracted by the National Solid Waste Management Authority.
Henry leaves to mourn four children, 28-year-old Tony McCallum, who resides in Guyana; Delroy Henry, 25; Scion Henry, 20; and his only daughter, 17-year-old Schion Henry. The deceased also had four grandchildren.
“When he not drunk, he is so quiet, nobody knows he is there. He gets a little carried away when he has in his alcohol, but, he was a very kind person,” one of Henry’s nieces said.
Renia added that her last interaction with her brother was on Saturday evening when she gave him a plate of food.
The deceased migrated here 14 years ago with his wife and resided at Cassada Gardens #2 until they broke up in 2007, and he moved in with his mother.
When our newsroom visited the home yesterday, neighbours and friends met with the relatives to reminisce about the deceased and bring condolences to the grieving family.
Lawmen said they are investigating the circumstances surrounding the unnatural death.

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