PM: Sir Robin, a thrifty spender and good investor

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Gaston Browne, prime minister has brushed aside calls for St. Phillip’s North Member of Parliament (MP), Sir Robin Yearwood, who is apparently worth millions, to account for where and how he amassed his wealth.
Yesterday, while speaking at the official ceremony to mark Sir Vere Cornwall Bird Day, Browne said Sir Robin, who by the end of the year will have been sitting in parliament for an unbroken 41 years, was simply a thrifty spender and a good investor.
“While they were buying U.S. $5,000 suits, big-head spliffs and wasting their money, for the last 40 years, comrade [Sir] Robin Yearwood was wearing shirts with holes in them, putting his money in the bank and investing his money,” the prime minister said.
He added that was “all I have to say” on the issue.
The recent debate over the source and size of Sir Robin’s wealth began last week when OBSERVER media learned that Sir Robin had lost an appeal which he filed in order to resist paying his ex-wife Christiana Yearwood some £4,121,037.00, the equivalent of E.C. $14,842,447.18.
The money, some of which Sir Robin has reportedly paid in accordance with a British court order registered under local law for enforcement in this jurisdiction, stems from the division “of certain matrimonial property” in the U.K., according to Dr. David Dorsett, Christiana Yearwood’s lawyer.
Several people have called for Sir Robin, who in 2016 answered a question about his wealth saying that he is an “average man,” to immediately explain when and how he amassed such large sums of money.
Akaash Maharaj, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Global Organisation of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GOPAC) and an infrequent guest of OBSERVER radio said that there is “a compelling and urgent requirement” for Sir Robin to come forward.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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