Innocent bystander knocked unconscious at West bus station brawl

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A Liberta woman who was hospitalised from injuries she received as two young men exchanged words and fists at the West Bus Terminal, is calling on them to turn themselves in to the police.
Adella Joseph, the sixty-seven-year-old woman, spent eight hours at the Mount St. John Medical Centre on Friday after a blow knocked her off her feet and she reportedly lost consciousness.
“I don’t know what happen to them young people, jack, they just come up and start to pelt blow and then I get hit,” she said.
Joseph explained that she attempted to move away from the fight but was struck in the mouth and did not regain consciousness until other bystanders shook her and spoke to her repeatedly. The blow caused her to bleed from her mouth, leaving a trail of blood on the ground and the impact of the fall left the elderly woman with bruises on her hands and feet.
Joseph plans to have a follow-up visit with a doctor. She is currently wearing a neck brace. She says her balance has also been affected because of the dizziness she experiences when she tries to get up from a sitting position.
The wounds in her mouth needed stitches but at the time of the incident just before 6 p.m., Joseph said she was too scared to allow the doctor to make the sutures. But she now regrets it because the pain is affecting her eating.
The diabetic and hypertensive woman said she will be carefully monitoring all her injuries because of these underlying health conditions.
Joseph told OBSERVER media that she will file an official report at the St. John’s Police Station today along with a young woman, who witnessed the incident and claimed that she
knows one of the young men.
According to Joseph, both men fled the scene before the police officers, who are stationed at the bus terminal could stop them.
“That is the hardest [hit] I ever get in my life,” she said.

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