PM Gaston Browne explains delays in Jolly Beach Sale and Valley Church Beach Resort construction

Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda Gaston Browne
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Prime Minister Gaston Browne on Thursday morning explained the reason behind delays in the sale of the Jolly Beach Resort and the development of the new Valley Beach Resort. 

He said, “the developer had proposed acquiring Jolly Beach and to conjointly develop both the Valley Church Beach Resort as well as the Jolly Beach property, but we had a problem in that the developer was seeking to reduce the room count at Jolly Beach from about 500 to under 100 rooms to cater for high-net-worth individuals.” It was on this basis the government declined the sale of Jolly beach Hotel.

Jolly Beach Resort

The Prime Minister said despite the delays, residents should see progress soon as he understands preliminary work is taking place to proceed with the development of the Valley Church Hotel. “In fact, I believe they have cleared the site recently and I’m aware that drawings are being developed and it is hoped that perhaps later this year- no later than first quarter of next year we should begin to see construction of the resort at Valley Church Beach.

Valley Church Beach

The Jolly Beach Resort has been closed since March of 2020 and the government is searching for a new investor in the hopes to save the jobs for the 500 people sent home from the property. However, development has been slow. 

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