Security Minister addresses measures to lessen gun crimes

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Attorney General and Minister of National Security Steadroy Benjamin is giving the country greater insight into what improvements would be made, in order to stem the recent increase in armed robberies that have affected residents and business owners.

Benjamin addressed the matter in parliament earlier today, noting that along with ensuring that CC-TV cameras around the city are working, there will also be increased patrols around St John’s, especially in the Heritage Quay area.

“We have also, by strategy, identified the areas which are normally called hot spots. Those areas will be patrolled vigorously as we’ve done in the past”, he said.

He is also encouraging businesses to utilize security cameras as an added security feature and to report matters of concern to the nearest police station.

In addition, security forces will be working closely with the Tourism Ministry to have special constables patrol beaches to prevent the theft of property.

The National Security Minister also announced that the government is seeking to acquire 20 semi-electric bicycles for officers on patrol, as is the case in several developed countries.

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