PAHO to subsidize initiatives to improve Information Systems for Health in the Caribbean

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BUENOS AIRES, Oct 11,   CMC – The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) says it will provide grants for the implementation of initiatives to improve Information Systems for Health (IS4H) in the Americas, including the Caribbean. 
On Thursday, PAHO said these initiatives should focus on improving existing health programs, strategies or policies. 
The call for proposals will remain open until November 15, 2018, PAHO said, adding that it aims to provide grants of between US$35,000 and US$40,000. 
It said financial resources will be allocated as “seed funding” for the implementation of projects in the country. 
“This IS4H funding strategy is intended as a short-term investment to support the project until it is up and running and sustainable,” PAHO said. 
It said proposals must come from national or subnational institutions from the Region of the Americas. Public universities can also submit proposals. 
PAHO said applications must be submitted along with an official letter of support from the country’s Ministry of Health. 
Applications must have a project manager, and may also have a co-applicant as associate manager.

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