Gov’t not ruling out possibility of reward for capture of suspected murderer

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The government is not ruling out the option of offering a financial reward for information leading to the capture of wanted suspected murderer Calvin ‘Burger’ James.
Information Minister Melford Nicholas said such a request would have to come from the police. He said while this was not done, it may be timely.
“In these matters, the law enforcement agencies are sometimes in the best
position to make a determination, if they feel that putting out a reward would actually assist them in getting new information. I don’t think that request has come yet.
“That was not part of the conversation in Cabinet on Wednesday and of course, in these matters the law enforcement agency is in the best position to make a determination as to when they put more information,” Nicholas told reporters at Thursday’s post-cabinet press conference.
James is on the run after allegedly killing his niece Tahisha Thomas and his nephew’s girlfriend Sanchezca Charles in Donavans on Friday, October 5.  James’ nephew, Lawrence James, was also shot in the face.
Allegations are that the assailant went to the home asking for his sister and when he was told that she was not there, he opened fire on those who were present, before fleeing in a stolen vehicle.
The police have since issued a wanted bulletin for the immediate arrest of the man, who is considered to be ‘armed and extremely dangerous’.
They are urging residents not to approach him if they see him, but to instead call the Rapid Response Unit at 764-2348 or 464-3938, or to call 911.
Meanwhile, the minister also encouraged residents who may be assisting James in evading the authorities, to ensure that the right thing is done, he also appealed to James to turn himself over to the police.
 A similar appeal was also made on social media earlier this week by James’ former teacher Mary Geo Quinn.
“Behave yourself, Calvin! Leave Ineta alone and turn yourself in to the police. Sis. Mason would not be happy with you at all. And please don’t hurt yourself,” Quinn pleaded, in a Facebook post which was shared with the public by her daughter Dr. Jacqui Quinn.
Former Prison Superintendent Eric Henry also stated, “BURGER” I trust & PRAY that this message has reached you. If it does, PLEASE hear & adhere to the wishes of your former Teacher. She wants you even now “to do the Right-thing” BURGER. Please comply….OBEY your TEACHER”.
Other social media users also commented on the post encouraging James, also known to the Quinn family as ‘X-es’, to listen to the advice of the former educator.

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