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The OBSERVER Media Group of Companies (OMG) is pleased to announce the beginning of its digital transformation.
In keeping with the global trend toward multimedia delivery platforms and the growing preference of customers to receive their news and entertainment electronically, The Daily Observer will now print a physical paper three days per week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday).
An electronic version of the newspaper will still be produced six days per week. 
For the month of March, during the election campaign period, the electronic versions of the Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday newspapers will be available FREE to those who request the paper online at or via the email address [email protected].
“This is an exciting time for OBSERVER!” exclaimed Darren Derrick, chief operating officer at OMG.
He said, “Our statistics show that our product is consumed digitally far more than it is in its traditional paper format, and we are making this move to keep up with the demands of our customers.” 
Derrick said that an analysis of the global statistics in comparison to Antigua and Barbuda, and more specifically OBSERVER, shows remarkable similarities, and all indicators pointed to “now” as the best time to begin the company’s transition.
“Even in the area of radio, our local listeners are increasingly moving toward online streaming. In the last two years, local listeners have grown by a factor of three and now sit in second place behind the United States. This is driven by the increasing use and convenience of mobile phones as a primary device,” Derrick explained.
The company has made the decision to provide the electronic version of the newspaper on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday free of charge during the month of March.
“We realise that this is new to people, and there is a great interest in news regarding the general election campaign, so we decided to make the newspapers free for those days that we do not print,” Derrick said. “Moving forward, we will assess the best delivery methods to satisfy our customers and advertisers,” he added.
The Daily OBSERVER is Antigua and Barbuda’s only independent daily newspaper. It is currently in its 25th year of publication and continues to serve its readers under the motto “Let There Be Light.” Its sister companies, Observer Radio 91.1FM, HITZ FM 91.9FM and Observer Printery make up the OBSERVER Media Group of Companies.

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