Officer identifies stick granny allegedly used in teen's killing

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The police officer who took the statement from murder-accused Millicent Cornwall-Roberts says the weapon used to brutally beat Jael Thomas was about three feet long and an inch thick.
Inspector Theodore Horne has told the High Court moments ago, that the grandmother had pointed out the weapon to investigators when they took her back to the scene of the killing.
The officer has testified that the 70-year-old woman had shown them the stick under her verandah at her All Saints, McPond-home where the beating took place.
The stick was presented to the court this morning as evidence.
Inspector Horne has also testified that he took a statement from the woman and she agreed to let him write what she had dictated.
That statement is yet to be read in court before the jury and Justice Keith Thom as the senior cop continues his testimony.
Cornwall-Roberts has been on trial since Monday for killing her 18-year-old granddaughter sometime between September 21st and 22nd, 2014.
It’s alleged she beat the child because she had snuck out the house that night.
The autopsy results presented to the court reveal that the girl’s feet were broken, both ears damaged and she bled to death.
She also had numerous cuts and bruises about her body and was found in dead in her blood stained bedroom

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